Jujitsu/Combined Martial Arts - Perth

Monday, 7 March 2011

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City: Perth, Western Australia
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Price: $30


Contact name Joshua

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Hello, I am Joshua and I am currently accepting students for a Jujitsu/Combined Martial Arts club. It's not a large club and it's non-commercial (no MCDojo); membership is limited at this time, about ten new students.

This club focuses on Jujitsu (meaning all "forms" of Jujitsu, that also means BJJ and Judo - which is derived from Japanese Jujitsu, etc, etc.). No-gi training and sub-mission grappling will be utilized as well. Other aspects of the club include striking and checking strikes, in-close weapons use and disarms, multiple attackers (where BJJ falls short), throws/takedowns and physical and mental conditioning. Self-Defense here is obvious.

All members will be assessed on an on-going basis and dropped as needed, dropped on request (DOR) or dropped if unable to show sufficient progress. This club does not rely on money, it relies on the determination, motivation, intelligence and the open mindedness of its members. In short, I am only looking for serious members.

I am willing to train up the less physical if there is proper determination. Members are expected to eventually perform: one-arm pushups, pullups (proper form-no kipping), climbing up poles, and other high-rep body weight drills as well as break falls, rolls and sprints. Flexibility is extremely important and will be a major focus also. There will be pain.

All training is conducted outside at local parks, ovals and backyards (Hilton area). That means dirt and grass in your face and clothes, bugs, rain, sun, in cold or hot weather, just some of the things you may find in real life. No aircon, no mirrors and no swept floors. :)

I am an American and a former US Law Enforcement Agent and US Security Officer and have been an hand-to-hand instructor for over ten years. I have taught at a US University, and have taught US miltary and US security personnel.

Email Joshua for scheduled times.
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