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Thursday, 15 September 2011
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City: Perth, Western Australia
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Contact name floyd

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That's right - just as the headline reads...COMPLETELY FREE...NO gimmicks, NO catches, NO payment and NO hassles...F-R-E-E, gratis, nada...etc

I know people are generally wary of "free" stuff, and quite rightly so of course given the covert tactics sometimes used to attach a price tag to that "supposed" free stuff

B-U-T, for once this is EXACTLY as stated - FREE - with nothing added and nothing taken away!

It works on the altruistic premise of...I can help you, you can help me - money and any other obligations aside of course.

AND, the offer - and ME - are entirely up-front and GENUINE.

OK, please, let me explain...

I am currently studying for a Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Certificate IV in NLP...they are both NSW qualifications. The studies are going REALLY well, and I feel like I have found my particular niche in the workplace...its very rewarding and SO SATISFYING to see positive change in people. Its challenging - no two people and their circumstances are the same. Social, that goes without saying, and, downright INTERESTING and intriguing.

Anyways, I'm waffling...

Here's the overall picture...

As I previously stated, Me: Student...I am well entrenched in my studies, and have successfully worked with a number of clients over in the Eastern States but have since relocated and wish to further my studies whilst living in the beautiful West


For my course work I need to submit TWO case studies...they can be for virtually any common concern that you may have: STOP SMOKING, Weight Loss, Stress & anxiety, sleep problems, bad habits, phobias, aids to learning, exercise, well-being etc, etc...the list is pretty-much endless *I have a list of treatable applications that I can e-mail onto you so you can decide which suits you*


What does all this mean to you, and how do you benefit?

Well, you get a professional service, EXACTLY the same as you would if you visited a reputable and qualified High Street Clinical Hypnotherapist

- get the LONG-TERM RESULTS that you're seeking

- get a LIFE-LONG and MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE to keep and cherish.

- get to walk away with your hard-earned CASH still jingling IN YOUR POCKET/wallet/purse/other


Whilst I have to write up the whole process and submit it as part of my on-going assessment.

That’s really all there is to it.

Your involvement is purely minimal: other than committing your attention to a minimum of three 60 minute sessions, answering a few relevant questions and ENJOYING a memorable one-off experience coupled with the complete and utter RELAXATION and feelings of WELL-BEING that Hypnosis brings - it really IS a most PLEASANT and SERENE EXPERIENCE, really, it is.

How easy is that!

For more details either call/text or send me an e-mail - more convenient as I can send you relevant stuff back ASAP

I'm Floyd:

0435 550 685
9496 3613

Try to be open to new ideas, trust and embrace new thought processes...Hypnoses really works - and really WELL, too...Let's do something different and selfless, lets help eachother to achieve something positive and tangible for you, for me, for everyone concerned.

Oh, and if you have any concern(s) whatsoever: It could be your not wanting to travel to attend session, Hey, then I can come to you

I'm not sure, what else - the Stranger Danger issue that modern life has seemingly now imposed upon many people: well, no problem either, have a friend - have a group of friends - sit in on the sessions they will enjoy it too

What else? Hypnosis, does it work?...Well, just go ahead and ask around your circle of friends, I guarantee that you'll be surprised how popular it has become (and about time too) and just how effective it really is.

Anyways, If you have ANY concern, then ASK ME, communicate, TELL ME your concerns and they CAN be worked around...I'm completely flexible, and will fall in with any reasonable idea or suggestion, I am quite prepared to invest myself, my time, my energy and expertise into the whole process.

Really, I can't be any fairer than that

Ok, over to you